Since the beginning of our business in 1966, we have dedicated ourselves to the design of exquisite metals. Creativity, craftsmanship, a unique project planning concept and nearly 70 highly-skilled, highly-motivated employees, of whom five are master craftsmen, form the foundations of our worldwide, steadily growing success. Our clients are in industry, art, architecture, yacht building,  glass, exhibition stand and shop-fitting and also private individuals. Whatever the object is, whether spectacular or plain, ornamental or monumental, we will make to your specifications.


Berlin, London, Turin, Moskau, Frankfurt, Genf, Helsinki, St. Peterburg, Kiew, Munich, Düsseldorf, Genf, Denver, Nizza, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Mailand and New York designed and manufactured by Metal Design Manufaktur Polenz. Read more

Pools Metall Design Manufaktur Polenz

Metal and water We manufacture sophisticated swimming pools made of high-grade stainless steel and therapeutic pools based on ergonomic principles. Or would you rather have a fountain? Either reduced to its purely functional basics or designed as an appealing, gushing work of art? Our services include consultancy, planning, implementation and delivery logistics, assembly and installation and the full water supply technology. Read more

Polenz GmbH & Co. KG

Metall Design Manufaktur
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